Due to COVID19 we at this time have two service with social distancing and wearing mask. It is Sundays at 9:00 am and at 5:00 pm.  The am service alternates between Traditional and Contemporary. 

Welcome to our church - a gathering of Lutheran Christians in Fairbanks, AK.  We love visitors, and you are welcome and invited to join us for our services. 

Every worship service, we try and make sure that you can hear both God's Law and his Gospel, that is, his will for our lives and his love for us in Jesus.  Our Sunday morning service at 9:00 am is alternates between a liturgical  organ-led worship service and a Contemporary . Our Sunday evening service is a Contemporary, acoustic guitar-led worship service. No matter the medium of the music, we want God's Word be to heard, telling of his works done for us and for our salvation. Singing and telling of what God has done is to his greatest praise and glory. Whichever service you attend, at Zion Lutheran, you'll hear God's Word and his will for your life, but especially, you'll hear of his amazing love for you in Jesus.

Children of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our worship services.  Children's Activity Bags are always available, and there is a Children's Message in every service. We offer a “cry room” in the back of the sanctuary, which has a one-way window and speakers, so you can still see and hear the worship service.

We have an Education Hour at 10:15 am for children and an 2 adult classes starting at 10:30 am.



For all preschoolers and home schooled children Pastor Carlson is going to each classroom and giving a short ten minute chapel during Covid-19.