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Interior Alaska Missions and Volunteer Center in Fairbanks is both home and outreach for Rev. David Sternbeck (Nuu-chahnulth) and his wife, Rosemary, who minister year-round to more than 40 Alaska Native villages. Rosemary works with volunteer teams going into remote Alaska villages for vacation-Bible-school events and hammer-and-nail projects, and David networks with Christians across the state to offer a Lutheran contribution to the spiritual needs of Natives. Together, they open up their home to volunteers and to Natives for theological training and mentoring. To read more about the Alaska/Interior Ministry click here.

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It is quickly becoming "that time of year again" when snow and cold come to Alaska and thoughts turn to winter. It is also time to start thinking of Christmas outreach to the villages we serve. We usually send food baskets to a total of 22 villages. We will be putting these together in November and have them all out by the second week of December.

This year along with the food baskets ( start thinking about those turkeys you may have an extra one or two of) we send or deliver to the villages, we will be doing something special for the village of Beaver. In Beaver there is no grocery store. Everything needs to be flown in. I would like to ask the ladies who sew to set aside fleece pieces of material that are between 1 1/2  yards and larger to make small blankets out of as gifts to the village. There are about 80 folks there altogether.

Thank you for your help. If you have questions please call 360-808-4079

Rosemary Sternbeck

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